WE'VE MOVED! Our Farmingtion Office is now at 20 Waterside Dr., Suite 102, Farmington, CT

Progressive Eye Care


Comprehensive Eye Care

Farmington Office Southbury Office
  • Eye Exams
  • Comprehensive eye exams for both adults and children, starting at infancy, in a comfortable environment.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • We provide both diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease and injuries.
  • Eye Surgery
  • Co-management for refractive eye surgery, including lasik. Additionally we offer co-management of cataract surgery.
  • Glaucoma
  • Latest technology for early glaucoma diagnosis and treatment.
  • Contact Lens
  • Complete contact lens services including:
  • Contacts for bi-focal wearers
  • Ortho-keratology (corneal reshaping)
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly disposable contacts

Facilities and Equipment

Farmington Office - Glasses

Progressive Eye Care, in our Southbury location, is equipped with a state of the art lens edging system, which gives us the ability to create the highest quality eyewear in a minimal amount of time, and if we're putting lenses into an existing frame, we eliminate the hassle of being without your glasses. Plus, we have the ability to fill many prescriptions the same day. We are partnered with one of the highest quality lens manufacturers in the United States, insuring that we supply only the latest and best in lens technology to our patients, as well as the newest styles of frames for you to choose from. We have over 500 frames on display in our office.

Some of the brands we carry…

Eyeglass Brands